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Logistics application development

JetRuby Agency is a software development company that is noted for its professionalism. Our goal is not just to develop your project. We make every effort so that your project lives and prospers after the development process.

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Logistics Application Development Company — JetRuby Agency
JetRuby Agency is not only a leading logistics app development company. Since 2010, we keep delivering efficient digital solutions that are in demand. We have over a hundred successfully implemented projects. Our products are being used by GoPro, Yale, and HP. Forbes talks about us and our applications hit the top ratings in the App Store.
Logistics is Trending as Never Before
In the era of Uber, the transport and logistics industry has never been more popular. Transportation is a huge market with fresh ground for new, enthusiastic ideas. We are here to help businesses to identify a successful idea and develop a product that will be used.
Here's the main functionality a logistics mobile application should have to help generate high impact ROI in logistic business.

Vehicle Location tracking
Location tracking is a solution to several problems. First of all, you would be able to monitor your drivers' location and know whether your drivers meet the deadlines or not. Secondly, in case of a truck's breakdown, you would be able to see the location of a breakdown and find the service center nearby.
Finding Nearest Gas Station/Mechanical Support with the Best Prices
Many logistics app development companies don't take this feature into account. However, the gas price can significantly influence the price of logistics services. By choosing the gas station with the cheapest fuel, you can save a lot of money money and use it for improving your transportation services. Your drivers, in their turn, would be able to reach out for help whenever needed.
Route Optimization
Traffic jams are the main enemies of logistic and may lead to significant losses both for your business and your clients. However, a simple traffic information feature will allow you to avoid it and help your drivers find the best possible route to reach their destination as fast as possible.
Vehicle Management
One of the drivers can't meet the deadlines so he speeds up to make up for the lost time. However, harsh acceleration and aggressive braking can lead to excess wear. By implementing a vehicle management feature, you'll be able to know about critical situations and prevent serious accidents and breakdowns.
Merchants Real-time Notifications
With real-time notifications, you may forget about annoying phone calls. With an app-management model, you'll be getting automatic notifications about the delivery status. As soon as the shipment has been completed, you'll get a notification regarding this delivery.
1000+ Oil tanks
10 000+ Satisfied users
TankClarity is an IoT based solution. Using the extricated algorithms and sensors, TankClarity notifies homeowners and their fuel distributors when they're out of fuel.
TankClarity improved consumer and distributor satisfaction, by making home heating oil easier, more responsive, and more efficient.
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