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For startups and SMEs that are looking to solve their real-life business challenges, complex or routine. You can start with a two-week test run today! Cancel anytime.
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What drives us

"For nearly 10 years of being in the industry, I have seen plenty of business people invest a lot into the development of web-based or mobile apps, only to end up with half-baked products and no budget for marketing. In other words, it's the worst possible scenario for any startup, which is not how we see the future of our clients.

That's why we leverage every piece of our technical and management expertise to approach the development process in a way that our clients can have everything necessary for an early market launch. That is a modern product with just enough features to delight its users and the marketing budget to help it grow. The only way we grow is together!"

Ivan Linko
CEO JetRuby Agency


Which are based on years of experience in multiple industries and deep understanding of business needs.

Dedicated team

For growing businesses which struggle with managing their own teams efficiently and need fast project delivery.


Rapid custom development using modern technologies for clients who want to quickly market-proof their business idea.


Customizable and scalable Ecommerce applications that convert first-time visitors into loyal customers.
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Mobile Development

For clients who are looking to create beautiful mobile app experiences that users will love and recommend to their friends.

Infrastructure & AWS

For clients who need to maximize the performance of their current AWS infrastructure or build one from scratch.


For clients who are looking to implement and/or support complex and reliable platforms.
mobile dev
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Starting from scratch?

Our Business Development Department will run a design and discovery phase for your startup at a fixed cost to prioritize features, define journey map, design application infrastructure, outline project plan, and select technical tasks for implementation. - everything needed for a successful project start and growth.
Amazing projects we built
Since 2010, we've successfully implemented 157 projects for industries like E-Comerce, the Internet of Things, Digital music distribution, E-Learning, and many more.
Sortly is the #1 inventory app for the iOS platform that enables you to visually track all your possessions.
Unique web application that offers a simple yet very effective solution to the ubiquitous and common problem of mispronouncing names.
Cronycle is a powerful web app that takes the noise of mass media and provides users with only the content that matters to them most.

Our niche solutions

Reduce time-to-market and start growing your business with our custom software solutions

Two-sided marketplace

For small and medium-sized businesses looking to seamlessly connect providers and customers from all around the world.

Digital out of home

Digital systems for dynamic media distributed across place-based networks in restaurants, colleges, arenas, and other public spaces.

Smart liquid logistics

Versatile apps that enable delivering the right product at the right time at the right place and in the right condition.
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And we also work closely with Atlassian to build powerful and efficient infrastructure on top of its best products


To help our employees spend more time on important tasks and less time on reporting, we built Time Tracker. Time Tracker is automatically synchronized with JIRA so it makes the time tracking process simple and clean.


J2P provides a simple solution for providing synchronization between JIRA and Pivotal Tracker. As a result, all the user stories that you put in the Pivotal Tracker system will be automatically organized in JIRA as separate tickets with the corresponding fixed versions.


Planifica is a tool that simplifies resource management in teams and improves resource allocation. The administrator can set the team's individual work hours, local public holidays or time off. You can always check who's overbooked and who's on vacation.


Clutch.co is a leading platform that conducts independent, in-depth interviews of clients of tech services companies
Our partners
More than 40% of our clients have chosen us as their technology partners. For 3 years now, we've been helping them in technology-related decision-making processes.
Let's build great things together!
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