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Health & Fitness app development

With a limitless amount of fitness applications on the market, our life has never been healthier and comfortable. According to Statista, the total amount of users, who relate to 'health and fitness' category, will reach the figure of 353 million by 2022. As a fitness app development company, here at JeRuby, we know the receipt of a successful fitness app.

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Types of health and fitness apps
Depending on the data management way, health and fitness apps may relate to various categories. However, taking in mind the latest fitness app development trends, you may want to build the following types of health and fitness apps.
"No gym required" — this is a motto of personal trainer apps that are to become users personal gym coach. This kind of apps is super convenient for people, who for some reasons wants to exercise out of a gym. Workout apps functionality aims to provide various formats of training activity, such as video, textual information or even 3D modeling.
Workout / Personal trainer apps
This kind of apps allows tracking almost any physical activities, including running, swimming, walking, snowboarding and so on. Having synchronized them with wearables or/and the motion smartphone sensors, they would provide highly accurate data of the users activity.
Activity tracking apps
Diet and nutrition apps also relate to activity tracking apps but with more specific functionality. Their mission is to help users keep to a diet, track macronutrients, control water, and coffee intake and so on. This kind of apps is being chosen by people who take care of the calorie and nutritional value of daily food.
Diet and nutrition apps
Yoga is that kind of activity that can be done pretty much everywhere, especially when you have an app on your smartphone. Having combined the relevant content and the reliability, we build the apps that just what the users need to get their om on.
Meditation and yoga apps
The features that are must have
Personal profile
Personal profile is the very beginning of your app and users collaboration. Users need to be able to enter their personal data, such as weight, age, height, etc., as well as the desirable goal they want to achieve. To make it more user-friendly, we'd add a possibility of uploading photos so that users could see the results.
There are several criteria that need to be taken into account when implementing this feature. For example, there should be several plans with a variety of workouts that would target a large audience, including beginners and pros. All of this should be flavored with appealing visual materials and online training.
Activity log
An activity log is a loyal assistant that makes trainings more engaging and helps users follow their progress as well as stay motivated. Among the must-need features are the progress analytics, the possibility to set challenges or monthly/yearly goals, and the calendar with a workout log.
Integration with wearable devices
Having provided integration of your app with wearable devices, you enable users to track and monitor their activity on their devices in an easy way. On the one hand, it makes an app more powerful and user-friendly. On the other hand, it provides you with a huge amount of information about every user, which you can use to help users train more effectively.
Our experience
As a fitness app development company, we keep abreast of health and fitness app development. Having used the practices we trust, we built an effective service that provides as convenient as possible access to the best fitness venues and activities in Shanghai.

With over 150 fitness venues in Shanghai and Move app, there are no excuses when it comes to finding which activity Moves you.
MOVE Shanghai advocates as your own fitness concierge for sport fans in China. In a nutshell, it's a mini ecosystem that allows you to book anything from tennis classes to a lounge chair at a 5-star hotel pool for a flat monthly fee.

Moreover, personal assistance from the Move Consultant will help you to choose and book new activities. Swimming, boxing, yoga, squash - whatever moves you! SPA that connects the best fitness and activity providers to the user, making it easy to workout whenever and wherever is most convenient.
move shanghai kotlin app
MOVE Shanghai
150 fitness venues
100+ activities
100 000 users
Let's build great things together
After you fill out this from, one of our client success managers will contact you within 24 hours. We have three types of notifications set to make sure your message is received.
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