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Delivery app development

Progress dictates the rules for the business and requires food delivery app development services to sell food and drinks for their customers. The food delivery business is not an exception. People love these apps as they are easy-to-use and save both time and money.

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Choose Your Food Delivery App Development Solution
As a food delivery app development company with more than 10 years in web and mobile app development, we build high-quality food delivery mobile app solutions. Our goal is to develop a product that would bring you new customers and double up the revenues.
Get more customers, feel the seats and let the world find out about you.
Home Delivery
Take home delivery orders in a blink of an eye. Increase revenue.
Food Trucks
Reach out to most with your food truck app.
Fast Food Joints
Sell more with your joint on app.
Must-need Food Delivery App Development Features
Customer App
Restaurant App
Admin Dashboard
Search Filtering System
The possibility search for restaurants using various search parameters, such as location, delivery area, nearby pick-up options, reviews, category, and others.
Discount Code
We use push notifications to notify customers about the upcoming deals or discounts. Later users may redeem these coupons on future purchases.
Track Delivery
As soon as the order has been confirmed, users can monitor its status and track its transfer.
Feedback System
Your users need to be able to leave feedback about your services. So the feature for customer reviews and ratings is a must.
Social Media Login
To allow your users to enjoy your app without distracting on the registration process, you need to make it simple. Social media login is the best choice for it.
Payment Gateway
Each restaurant needs to list its payment gateway that may include the credit card or debit card option, as well as cash on delivery or mobile wallets.
Order Management
Order Management is a heart of a restaurant app. This includes receiving orders, approving requests, generating invoices, receiving final delivery confirmation as well as receiving payments.
Order Tracking
As well as a customer app, the restaurant app should have a functionality of viewing, tracking, as well as managing all the orders.
Notifications System
Notifications are a strong market tool. They help restaurant owners inform their customers about deals, promotions, and offers.
Menu Management
This feature is a helping hand for all restaurants. It allows editing items on the menu and changing the prices and quantities.
Customer Reviews
This feature provides restaurant owners to monitor the customers' reviews and always be in touch with customer needs.
Promos Management
The possibility to create offers and deals for the existing customers and acquire new ones.
Restaurant Management
Admin dashboard is a powerful control center for handling everything in one place, starting from managing orders, products, and menu and finishing the restaurant management.
Analytics and Reports
The analytics and reports feature allows taking the data-driven informed decisions based on the useful stats and insights.
Payments Management
The ability to control and set partner commission rates as per the standards and organize the timely payments.
Customers Feedback Management
An Admin has access to users' details, including their order details and so on. Admin can also view customers' feedback and maintain platform standards.
Saffron Cooks is a premium food delivery service with a restaurant-like dining experience. Saffron Cooks is an extremely user-friendly app that offers a plethora of chef-made meals that can be delivered right to the customers door.
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Saffron Cooks
sparksfly1 ios app
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Implemented Smooth UX
sparksfly1 ios app
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Cross-platform Administration Panel
iOS and Android Applications
sparksfly1 ios app
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User-Friendly Payment System
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